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Brighter Education Group
With more than a decade of experience in training and counseling thousands of students, Brighter Education Group has carved out a distinguished identity for itself in the world of Education Consulting in the UAE & India.
Brighter Education Group operates four dedicated member organizations, namely, Ignite, BrighterPrep, GotoUniversity, and Brighter Admissions. These members have their separate fields of focus and specialization that are described below:
Ignite Training Institute (for Effective STEM Training):
The purpose of Ignite Training Institute is to provide expert guidance to the school-going students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) subjects.
BrighterPrep (for Best Standardized Test Prep & ESL/ESOL Training)
BrighterPrep provides highly specialized and targeted Prep training in both offline and online mode to students and aspirants who want to clear Standardized Academic and/or Language Proficiency tests, which reflects in most of our students scoring 99 percentiles in these Standardized Tests.
GoToUniversity (for Best Updated Information about Universities and Educational Institutions around the world)
GoToUniversity is one of the highest-ranked university-based websites globally with userfriendly filters and AI-powered search features to help you search from 4000 Global University Listings and around 2,00,000 Programs Listing under various disciplines.
Brighter Admissions (for Best Admissions Consulting)
Brighter Admissions has been highly successful in guiding students in their admission process to many Ivy Leagues across the US, Canada, UK and many more countries. Brighter Admissions has counseled more than 6000 students to the top 50 colleges across the world.

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